Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Recently the Dawei Princess Company has surfaced as one of the companies involved in the Dawei Port and industrial project. The previous name of the company was Hein Yadana Moe Company whose director was business tycoon Ko Ko Maung. The company previously had been granted permission by KNU 4th brigade for a logging concession within Dawei area for the past 6 years. Under the new name of Dawei Princess Co,  Ngwe Soe became the new managing director in 2010 and the government granted it permission for plantations of palm and rubber. Ngwe Soe is reportedly a former colonel in the Tatmadaw who retired about 5 years ago.

The Myanmar government, through the Myanma Port authority signed an MOU with ITD on November 2nd, 2010. The MOU will last 60 years and can be extended.

On April 16, 2011 the ITD made an MOU with Dawei Princess Co as “a suitable local subcontractor for the construction of the access road from Dawei project to Myanmar/Thai border”. Specifically DPC will build the road from Myitta town to the Dawei project on the coast.

Both Ko Ko Maung and Ngwe Soe travelled with Minister Aung Min during the cease-fire talks with the KNU in Thailand and also in the later talks in Pa-an and in Naypidaw. It is not yet clear what the role of Dawei Princess Company is in the current cease-fire negotiations with the KNU.