Friday, August 16, 2013

Japan suggests discussions with Myanmar and Thailand over Dawei project

Japan has suggested holding joint discussions with Myanmar and Thailand if it is to invest in the Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ), according to officials.
 Japan is already investing in various infrastructure projects in Yangon, notably in the construction of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone. President Thein Sein has invited Japan to invest in the Dawei project in an official letter signed by ministers from Myanmar and Thailand on April 24.

"We are not inviting Japan to invest in Dawei SEZ’s business. We have invited the to participate as a third party country to share the benefits. Although we don't know yet if they will participate or not, Japan will suggest the proposal to hold further tripartite discussion," said Sett Aung, chairman of a committee looking into the rules and regulations of the Dawei project.

A special meeting between Myanmar and Japan was held on July 9 and a similar meeting between Japan and Thailand occurred on July 11. Japan has expressed the need for all three countries to hold joint discussions if it is to participate in the Dawei project