Friday, September 12, 2014

Mon State Government won't allow survey for coal-fired power plant

The Mon State government won’t allow the Toyo-Thai Corporation to conduct a feasibility survey for the construction of its coal-fired power plant, according to a recent announcement by the state government.
“We won’t allow the Toyo-Thai Corporation to conduct a survey for the factory project. It is uncertain whether the company will continue its project since it has already drawn up its project plan. We, as the Mon State Hluttaw (parliament) agree with and will fulfill the people’s wishes,” said Nai Kyen Pe, Chairman of the Mon State Hluttaw, in an interview with IMNA.

In a September 5th letter sent to Moulmein District’s General Administration Department and the Ye Township Administration Department, the Mon State Government said the deadline for the company to conduct its “feasibility survey” had lapsed on July 20th, so the state government would not allow the company to conduct the survey.

“A letter regarding with the power plant, which won’t be allowed to be constructed, was sent to us. The letter said the time for examining the factory has expired, so the factor cannot be built. Last month, we saw a group of researchers come to examine along the sea. At the time, we saw that the factory construction had already been halted. We do not yet know what the company will do going forward,” said Aunden Village resident Mi Seik Sorn.

Last April, the company held a meeting with local Aunden residents in the area of Parlain Mountain in Ye Township, explaining the project and the fact that the plant could produce 1280 Mega Watts of power. In early August, the Toyo-Thai Corporation submitted a letter to the Ministry of Electricity and Power requesting permission from the President’s Office to allow for construction of the plant.

The coal-fired power plant is based on Ultra Super Critical (USC) technology and would require an investment of 2,700 million USD. Under the build-operate-transfer model the investment would last for thirty years, according to the company’s president.

Other foreign companies have proposed construction projects for coal-fired power plants in other parts of Mon State, including Ye Township’s Ahzin Village and the Kyaikkami area in Thanbyuzayat Township.